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Not sure where to spend your vacations in 2019? Find out why Poland is the perfect choice.

When you think of traveling to Europe, Poland is the first and most obvious thought. Not yet? Of course not, Poland is still considered to be Europe’s well-kept secret, a hidden treasure on the touristic map. This has its obvious advantages, as the Polish cities, praised by foreigners for being beautiful and clean, are not overrun by tourists.

But once you visit Poland, we bet you’ll change your perspective! It is where you can see the influence of the East, the West, the North and the South intertwine, and where different cultures coexisted throughout centuries, leaving us with a colorful and interesting heritage.

Why visit Poland? Because it’s the essence of Europe. Because of the fascinating and complicated history, full of unexpected turns of events. Because of the influence Poland and the Polish have had on the history of the world, as well as on science and culture. Because of intriguing architecture and the unique atmosphere of Polish towns and cities. Because over 1000 years of history give you thousands of “becauses”. Let’s not waste time enumerating all of them. Just visit Poland and see for yourself.

Why Poland

See Poland from the top of a mountain…

Poland has beautiful mountain ranges in the south. With all the stunning hiking paths in the Tatras mountains, in Beskidy, Pieniny, Bieszczady and Sudety, you simply cannot be bored. The most famous Polish tourist destination in the mountains is Zakopane. It is considered to be the ski capital of Poland, but it attracts people from different countries all year long due to its irresistible charm. Zakopane combines absolutely amazing views, an interesting highlander culture and unique, wooden architecture typical for this region.

Castles, castles, big and small

Talking about castles, Poland abounds in them. They come in all sizes and shapes. Big and small, new and old. You can see numerous ruins of old castles on the Eagle’s Nest Trail or visit the Royal Castle in Warsaw, which is actually quite new, as it was destroyed during World War II and had to be rebuilt. See the beautiful Wawel Castle in Kraków and visit the biggest castle in the world, which is to be found in Malbork.

We could go on enumerating things that are worth seeing in Poland. This country has it all: sea and mountains, rivers and lakes, lush forests (including a primeval forest), rich history, amazing culture, friendly people, amazing cities. Ready to discover it?

…and check what’s below the ground.

Poland has real treasures below the ground. Salty treasures. Salt has been mined in Wieliczka and Bochnia salt mines since the 13th century. The mines are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and offer a labyrinth of corridors and chambers full of statues and other works of art sculpted in salt, as well as breathtaking underground chapels. But what’s under the Polish ground is not only salt. Not without a reason black coal is called the Polish gold. The region of Silesia is rich in black coal sources. And if you prefer silver, we have a historic silver mine in Tarnowskie Góry waiting to be seen.

The Chapel of Saint Kinga in Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland.

Fall in love with Polish cities

Each of them has a different story to tell and a unique atmosphere. Admire the stunning architecture of Kraków, the city of kings. See Warsaw, the phoenix city that rose from ashes after the Second World War. Take a walk through the narrow alleys of Gdańsk and discover the history of the Solidarity movement. Take a picture of the leaning tower in Toruń and see the birthplace of the great astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. Walk the numerous bridges of the picturesque city of Wrocław. There’s so much to be seen!

Discover mysteries

Poland is full of mysterious places. Take for example the Książ Castle. It is a fairytale-like castle, beautiful in itself, but its beauty is not what attracts tourists. They are rather interested in what lies underneath it, namely the mysterious two levels of tunnels that formed part of the Project Riese. Or what about Wolf’s Lair? In the middle of a thick forests, the remains of a self-sufficient city from the times of World War II can be found. With a power plant, a railway station and an airport. It used to be Hitler’s headquarters.

Dip your feet in the Baltic sea

The Polish coastline is amazing. With the wide, sandy beaches that reach up to lovely pine tree forests, with beautiful cliffs in Jastrzębia Góra and sand dunes near Łeba, with picturesque little seaports and summer resorts, the Polish Baltic coast is magical. Walk along the wooden pier in Sopot (the longest in Europe), try to find Polish gold – amber, or take a ferry to Hel, which, contrary to what the name might suggest, is more like paradise.

Go sailing on lakes or…on grass

Masuria, often referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes and known for lush, never-ending forests, offers great leisure opportunities. It is also beloved by fans of sailing. But if you’re looking for something unusual and unforgettable, try sailing the Elbląg canal and find yourself sailing on grass!

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