26 Travel tips !

1) The currency in Poland is złoty (subdivided into 100 groszy), its symbol is PLN

2) The current rate is approximately 3,90 PLN for 1 USD

3) Poland uses Central European Time (GMT + 01:00)

4) Credit cards are widely accepted all around the country (VISA, MASTER)

5) The access to ATMs is easy in all of the major cities

6) The emergency number is 112

7) The Police is called Policja, officers are mostly friendly and helpful

8) Almost no serious crimes happen to visitors in Poland, feel free to walk around in major cities even at night

9) Beware of pickpockets and beggars

10) Drinking alcohol in public places (streets, parks, beaches) except pubs and restaurants is prohibited

11) Distance is measured in kilometers (1 km = 1000 meters), 1 km equals 0.62 miles

12) Weight is measured in kilograms (1 kg = 1000 grams), 1 kg equals 2.20 pounds

13) Liquid volume is measured in liters (1 l = 1000 ml), 1 l equals 0.26 gallons

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14) Many young people in major cities speak at least basic English, some older ones German and Russian as well

15) 220V/50Hz electricity standard is in use, converters for 110V/60Hz are necessary

16) You can drink tap water safelyfaworki

17) A small bottle of mineral water costs about 1 USD

18) Snacks, tea and coffee are available on gas stations (most of them work 24 hours a day) and small chain stores in major cities between 6 am and 10 pm (eg. Zabka, Fresh Market, Carrefour Express, Społem)

19) WI-FI connection is available in all of the major hotels, restaurants and shopping malls

20) Pre-paid cards work with most of the popular mobile phones . You can buy them at gas stations, kiosks and some local stores, most of the cards include data transmission

21) Drivers are rather careful and polite for the pedestrians. However, remember that crossing the street on the red light is prohibited

22) Taxis are widely available in all of the cities. The typical cost is around about 8-10 PLN for a start and 3 PLN for each covered kilometer

23) There are several ideas for unique souvenirs from Poland, we advise to ask your tour guides for the best ones

24) Tips are suitable for services like: restaurants, taxis, guiding, room service etc.

25) For minor payments like taxis it’s just enough to leave the change (if small) for the driver

26) For simple services, eg. cleaning your hotel room, a 5 PLN coin will be suitable

Other tips are up to you – there are no general rules

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