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We are a family-owned company and a well-tuned team of experts that work together to design unforgettable tour itineraries in Poland and beyond. We know Poland inside out, we love it and we’ll do our best to share our enthusiasm and make you fall in love with it as well. We offer a genuine Polish experience in tune with your needs and expectations. Let us show you what the famous Polish hospitality is all about. See you in Poland!

What makes RealPoland different from other tour operators

Who can organize better tours of Poland than… the Poles themselves? We know every corner of this country. We’re local experts with huge knowledge about our Poland, its history, customs and traditions, which lets us create unique itineraries and unforgettable experiences. We are based in Poland and our team consists of people eager to share their knowledge, experience and love for Poland.
We offer the most individual approach both to customized tours and to group tours of Poland. Every traveler deserves the best service. We are a family-owned company and we put all our hearts into what we do. When you travel to Poland, no matter if you choose a private tour or a group tour, our aim is to make you feel well-taken-care-of and help you have a wonderful time without having to worry about arranging all the important details of your trip. We are careful listeners and a friendly contact with our Guests from the moment they request a tour until their return home is the base of our philosophy. Inflexible, corporate bylaws are not our thing, we do our best to fulfill every wish, request and need.
RealPoland offers a varied experience, from small group sightseeing tours to customized, tailor-made itineraries and Polish family research. We do not limit ourselves to the most famous must-see destinations in Poland. Quite the contrary, we encourage travelers to discover less popular, yet fascinating and attractive places off the beaten track, as well as to discover the Polish culture empirically. We say ‘no’ to boring itineraries! We can also help you combine visiting Poland with visiting the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany or Lithuania.
We cooperate with expert Polish city guides, tour leaders and transportation providers. We ensure that they have all the required licenses, permits and insurance. We test the restaurants, visit the museums, do study tours. We simply know the product we are offering and we are confident about its quality.
When we promise you a small group for your tour of Poland, it’s not just a marketing ploy. We don’t consider 40 a small group. 25 is still a crowd. Our groups have up to 18 participants and our experience shows that it’s the perfect size. Small enough to get around easily and to feel as if you’re traveling independently, but big enough to let you enjoy the social atmosphere. It combines the benefits of traveling with a group with those of traveling solo.
RealPoland sp. z o.o.
Grochowska 217/15, 04-077 Warsaw POLAND
[email protected]+48 603 348 000
We are an inbound Poland Tour Operator, located in Poland, specializing in group and private tours. Our aim is to make your stay here an unforgettable experience. We are experts in organizing unique, custom-made Polish holidays, suiting your personal needs. Our team consists of natives, fascinated by their homeland, licensed guides and touring agents with huge knowledge and energy to share. We will do our best to meet your highest expectations.

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