Learn about your Polish background and trace your family roots with RealPoland.

Your genealogy research can be combined with your tour of Poland, or done independently. If you are dreaming of finding more about your family history, or perhaps even hoping to find your living relatives, do not hesitate to contact us! We have already helped many families and can't wait to help you too.

A lot of Poles emigrated from their homeland, especially in the last two centuries. Many of them settled in North America and Australia. A vast number of families lost contact with each other, as it was impossible to communicate during the wars that took place in Europe and very hard to get in touch when Poland was behind the iron curtain.

But often it is still possible to rediscovercover the historical relations. Those who have already decided to proceed with their genealogy adventure in Poland have had a unique opportunity to see the family locations, read old documents and even meet their relatives. What is the first step to take?

Collect documents

Collect all possible documents regarding the first generation that emigrated. The most helpful are Ship Manifests, Petitions for Naturalization, Oaths of Allegiance etc. Even if no official documents survived, other documents such as letters, memories, diaries might be valuable for the researcher as well.

Talk to your family

It is always a good idea to contact the eldest members of the family and write down what they remember about the previous generations, focusing of the names and places they relate to the Polish heritage.

Contact RealPoland & share what you know with the researcher

Every piece of information counts, even if it seems irrelevant at first glance. Complete the form on this page to contact our researcher. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers, fill in as much as you can and leave the rest blank.

Accept the costs & get a research report

When you get in touch with RealPoland, the genealogist will need some time to contact the local archives, search the databases and estimate the cost of your research. Once you accept it, the research will begin. Your researcher will remain in touch with you while doing the investigation and once it’s completed, you will receive a detailed report of your genealogy research in Poland.

Visit Poland

The most emotional part of your research is visiting the land of your ancestors. You can either choose one of our Small Group Tours of Poland and have it extended to include places related to your family history, or have our Tour Specialist design a special tailor-made Poland tour if you prefer a personalized experience.

Let's find your ancestors!

Learn more about your Polish heritage. Tell us what you know about your ancestors who left the territory of Poland. We will estimate the possibility of finding more information with the use of the local resources and the help of professional researchers. Perhaps it is even possible to reunite with the distanced relatives!

    Basic Information

    Please include crucial information on your ancestors who left Poland. You can add more than one person.

    Name of your ancestor (required)

    Year of birth

    If you do not know the exact dates please give the estimated ones.

    Year of immigration

    If you do not know the exact dates please give the estimated ones.


    Do you know anything about their location in Poland? Even if you are not sure about the spelling or the accuracy please include it the way it was remembered in your family.

    Family Background

    Old census records were held by the religious institutions. It is therefore important to know the faith of your ancestors.




    Any paperwork related to your Polish ancestors you might have is of the highest value for us.

    Please attach any documents you have related to the generation of your ancestors that left the territory of Poland. For example: ship manifest, petition for naturalization, petition for citizenship, marriage or death certificate, federal census records, letters, photos.


    Leave your contact details to let us send you the tailor-made itinerary we prepare for you.

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