How to Plan Your Trip to Poland

It’s the 21st century, the Era of Internet (okay, the Age of Aquarius, we know, but it’s also the Era of Internet) and that means you can plan your trip to Poland on your own, if you want.
How would you set about planning that trip? Well, for the most part, there are no formalities: Poland belongs to the Schengen Zone so travelers from EU don’t need to do anything if a sudden urge gets them to nip down to Poland for a few days. Visitors from the US are not required to get visas, either, though they do need valid passports – and valid through the entirety of their stay. But that’s about it.

So you just decide to come, and book a flight to one of our international airports – you’ve got thirteen to choose from, all of which accept some international flights. Naturally, the biggest get the most traffic: Kraków-Balice gets you to the renaissance city of Cracow, the premier tourist destination, while Warsaw-Chopin or Warsaw-Modlin will land you right in the capital, with everything it entails. But you can also land in Gdańsk (Lech Wałęsa airport), at the seaside, or in Poznań or Wrocław – it really is up to you. The smaller airports are also used for domestic flights, so you can quickly get from Northwest (Szczecin) to Southeast (Rzeszów) – Baltic Sea to Carpathian Mountains, should you want that.

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This brings us to the uncomfortable subject of trains. Trains in Poland do leave a lot to be desired, still. That’s the truth and we’re not shying away from it. There’s quite a lot of them, but they’re agonisingly slow and rarely take the direct route. The few reasonable trains are usually both expensive and more or less under siege. Naturally, this means that an array of enterprising competitors try to pick up the slack, mostly in the form of long-distance buses, which tend to offer better service, such as lower prices, quicker journeys and wifi. Car rental is also a popular substitute among travelers.

Hotels, hostels and other forms of accommodation abound, in both large cities and small towns, and that’s not even counting guest rooms, campsites and suchlike, so you will not be wanting for a place to stay. Younger staff is usually english-speaking, too.

Thus, your trip to Poland is just a few emails away. Or one email, should you decide to accept RealPoland’s help with the matter. Then your travel arrangements, your accommodation, and most importantly, your itinerary, will be arranged and taken care of for you by the RealPoland team, who are not your usual office clerks, but trained tour guides and travelers themselves. We will not only take you where you want to go, but also to where you will enjoy having gone.

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