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About 15 million tourists come to Poland from abroad yearly. Every tour is certainly different. Some of the visitors come here just for the weekend, staying in one of the fabulous cities like Warsaw or Krakow. Some of them, mainly in the summer, join group tours that cover the biggest tourist attractions in Poland. Furthermore, Poland hosts a lot of skiers from all around the world in its winter resorts, from which the most famous ones are Zakopane and Wisla. Summer is also a good idea to visit Poland. The Baltic sea resorts are full of tourists at that time. However, you can still find less crowded, charming places by the sea shore. A big group of travelers on the other hand take part in specialized tours. Examples of such tours in Poland are tours targeted on: World War II, national forests, bird watching or Jewish heritage. The tourist industry has rapidly developed in Poland over the last two decades. As a result, the local tour operators have extended their offer and currently you can choose from a huge variety of tour types in Poland.

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The offer includes tours dedicated to families with children, seniors, couples, single travelers and even those who travel with their pets. When you search for tours in Poland, please keep in mind that nowadays the Internet lets you check the references and the reliability of the tour operator very easily. Tour operators have to be officially registered in Poland and they are obliged to provide specialized travel insurance for their clients – those are the minimum legal requirements in Poland. When you book your tour, do not hesitate to ask about the details and share your doubts. Most of the tour operators provide direct contact to their consultants, but you have to remember that Poland uses Central European Time (CET) and the operating hours for the offices can be different from your working time if you live in a different time zone, for example in North America . One more hint for your tour bookings: try to compare a few offers for similar tours before you agree on one. Very often, even if the price is similar, one tour operator includes much more in the same tour than the other one. It is obviously the same with the exclusions: sometimes there are things, like the entrance tickets, for which you have to pay extra.

Tailor-Made Poland Tour
Discover Poland the way that matches your traveling style. Budget or luxury travel, family friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit.
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