The Sweetest of Poland

Traveling is not only about admiring the sights, but also about immersing in the culture and tasting the local delicacies. And what’s the sweetest thing about visiting Poland? If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find lots of things worth trying. Here’s our mouthwatering list. The classic Polish sweets also make great souvenirs to bring back from your trip to Poland.

Ptasie mleczko

The name of this foamy, fluffy filling covered in chocolate literally translates into ‘bird’s milk’ and is one of the most popular kinds of sweets in Poland and it is often bought as a souvenir. It was developed by the owner of the E. Wedel Company in 1936. The traditional ptasie mleczko is vanilla-flavored, but you can find many other, interesting flavor variations.

Prince Polo

This classic chocolate-covered wafer with chocolate filling was introduced in 1955. It is also sold abroad in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta and Ukraine under the name Siesta, and in Iceland, where it is known as Prins Póló and it is extremely popular.

Torcik Wedlowski

This large, round, chocolate-covered wafer with peanut cream filling is not only a delicious treat, but also the perfect gift. They are beautifully decorated by hand. You can also have it adorned for a special occasion like birthdays or name days, or as a souvenir with “Greetings from Poland” written on it. P.S. To see where this delicious cake is made, watch this video.


Once you open your delicje, you’ll face a real dilemma: eat them nicely and politely, or bite the biscuit around the middle first and enjoy the jelly and chocolate later? The original delicje were orange-flavored, but nowadays you can buy other flavors as well, including cherry, apricot, raspberry and blueberry (the latter covered in white chocolate).

Kasztanki et alii

These delicious pralines are produced by the Wawel confectionery. The most popular trio consists of Kasztanki, which have a cocoa filling with small pieces of wafer, Malaga with a semi-liquid, raisin-flavored filling and Tiki Taki with a soft peanut and coconut filling. Try them all to find your personal favorite!


Their name literally means ‘little cows’, so it won’t come as a surprise if we tell you they’re delicious cream fudges made of milk, butter, sugar and vanilla flavor. They have a crunchy exterior and are more liquid inside. Yummy!

Plums in Chocolate

Entire dried plums covered in chocolate are another typical Polish treat. A combination of sweet prunes with sweet chocolate - could this get any better?


These toffee candies have been on the market since the interwar period and are exported to many countries, including such distant destinations as Canada and Saudi Arabia. You can get cream-flavored, cocoa-flavored or poppy seed Irys candies.

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