Tips and Hints: Buying Souvenirs

A good holiday deserves to be long remembered. Pictures and films are a must, of course. In the era of smartphones and digital cameras you can take almost an unlimited amount of photos and share them with your family and friends. But it’s always nice to take a piece of the places you visit with you home or give it as a present to those who are dear to you. Something that will immediately bring back all the good memories. That’s why we like souvenirs so much. Let us give you some hints on what to buy in Poland.

Linen products

flag of Poland or Polish banner on canvas background

If you would like an elegant and durable souvenir from Poland that will last for years, go for linen products. Linen is a natural and strong fabric. Just remember not to tumble-dry it and iron when it’s still damp! You can get common products such as tablecloths, napkins or bed linen, but also more unusual, such as flowers made of linen.

Bolesławiec pottery

Handmade Traditional Polish Pottery

Polish pottery is unique, easily identifiable by its blue-and-white patterns and it is just the kind of product you can’t say ‘no’ to. Original Bolesławiec Pottery has a stamp that says “Hand made in Poland” on the bottom. If you’ve booked the Ultimate Polish Tour, you’re lucky: you’ll visit the pottery manufacture in Bolesławiec and see how the stoneware is made.


amber poland

Aber, the gold of the Baltic sea, has been one of the most important export goods in this region for thousands of years. Nowadays you can get amber products all over Poland, from exclusive jewelry through to all kinds of amber gifts, lucky trees and pictures made of amber, but we believe the best ones can be bought in Gdańsk. If you’re about to participate in our Polish Delight Tour, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to go amber shopping. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your very own little piece of amber while you take a walk along the beach?

Wood carvings

Traditional souvenir from Zakopane, Poland.

That’s something that will probably win your heart when you visit the mountain region in Poland. Handmade wooden figures, angels, devils, animals - there are plenty to choose from! If you enjoy amazing woodworking, you should definitely visit Zakopane, with its beautiful log houses furnished with carved wooden furniture.

Bird whistles

Bird whistles wood poland

Why not bring home the sounds of Polish nature? That’s possible with bird-shaped folk toy whistles made of wood or earthenware. Just fill them with water, blow and listen to the chirping sound. It’s a souvenir that appeals both to the eyes and the ears.

Old-school dishware

Being nostalgic has become popular among Poles. That’s why products that remind us of the communist era in Poland have their momentum. At most design stores you can get contemporary ceramic mugs with retro prints that will make a great souvenir.

Food and drinks


Last but not least, if your souvenirs don’t necessarily have to be durable or if you’re looking for delicious presents, Poland has a wide variety of food products that are worth taking home. Oscypek (smoked sheep milk cheese) to remind you of the mountains, ptasie mleczko (‘birds’s milk’) and krówki (‘little cows’, a kind of fudge) to make your life sweeter, or maybe something less obvious, like dried mushrooms, to make your home smell like a good Polish restaurant (bear in mind that mushroom-picking has almost become a national sport in Poland). Yummy! And as for alcoholic beverages, why not try some bison vodka? But before you carry any alcohol onboard, don’t forget to check the limits with your air carrier. Also, make sure to check your country's rules and regulations as to what types of products you are allowed to take with you from Poland.

No matter what you choose, we hope your holiday in Poland is an unforgettable experience.

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