Tour to Auschwitz Museum

Auschwitz tour is a unique experience and a very difficult history lesson. Some say that a visit to Auschwitz can be a tour of a huge value for your whole life. Some call it a must-see for each human. How to prepare? What should you be aware of?

First of all, we do not recommend Auschwitz tour for children. Probably most of teenagers, if prepared well, will be ready for this tour. The only condition is that they have to be at least fourteen years old. You should remember about dressing properly on your tour – Auschwitz is one of the most important martyrdom places in the world.

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The museum is very busy in the tourist season, especially from May to September. Therefore you should consider planning your visit in advance. Different Polish tour operators offer Auschwitz tours from most of the big cities. Auschwitz is a stop for many group tours of Poland as well. There is a train stop not far from the museum, but only local trains from Krakow operate there and the schedule is not really comfortable. We encourage you then to let your tour operator arrange transportation for you, which is rather cheap and easy. Most of the tours include transportation though.

In the Auschwitz Museum you should not miss the documentary movie, which is displayed before each tour departs for sightseeing. Only local museum guides are allowed to guide tours in Auschwitz. However, they seem to be the best choice anyway, as they are all professionally trained and chosen from a big group of volunteers. Please mind that there are two parts of the museum: the forced labor camp and the death camp itself – Birkenau. Both are a must once you are there, and both are covered by almost all of the tours available. Our last hint is that you have to prepare both for the indoor and outdoor part of the tour. There is a bit of walking, so we recommend comfortable shoes as well.

To conclude: Auschwitz, the complex of the former German concentration camp, can be easily reached with many of the local tour operators either as a single tour or a part of a package. Sometimes Auschwitz Tour is also offered as a side trip for those who spend their holidays in Czech Republic.

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