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More and more travelers come to Poland each year. Majority prefer buying travel tours planned in advance to own spontaneous actions. There are plenty tours of Poland available, mostly individual ones. However, group escorted tours of Poland are becoming quite popular among visitors as well. If you travel on your own and prefer to have professional assistance and arrangements for a certain tour, e.g. Auschwitz Museum or Wieliczka Salt Mine, you can choose among a variety of offers.

We advise to have your arrangements done prior to your stay as it is obviously safer and often cheaper. Be aware that only registered and professional incoming tour operators provide full insurance for the travelers. Remember, they are legally responsible for the quality of their and their subcontractors’ services. Once you decide to book, always make sure that you have the most important details: the meeting point, your tour guide contact, information about any additional costs, an emergency number that you can call if something goes wrong with your tour.

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Big bus tours of Poland have been available on the travel market for decades. They are often a part of larger, European tours and Poland is just a short stay on the way. Nevertheless, small group tours of Poland and similar ones for the other countries in the region have recently dominated the offer of the local tour operators. The reasons are definitely the different style of modern traveling as well as the higher expectations of the travelers.

Nowadays tourists don’t only want to fill the checklist of the countries on their way. They look for the real experience. Tours that include not only the main tourist attractions but also some less popular, but more local places. Small group tours of Poland are specifically dedicated for those who want to feel the insight of this colorful and unique country. So European and so individual with its customs and traditions at the same time. We advise to search for group tours at least a few months before your journey. This will allow you to arrange cheaper plane tickets and be sure that you get places for the most suitable date of the tour for you. On the other hand there’s another way if you are not afraid of a little risk. Tour operators sometimes offer discounts for the last available places one or two months prior to the tour.

Tailor-Made Poland Tour
Discover Poland the way that matches your traveling style. Budget or luxury travel, family friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit.
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