Travel Cheaper: PLN to USD Lowest Since 2004!

It is breaking news for anyone who is planning some tours to Poland in 2016 from North America!

The exchange rate for US Dollar to Polish Zloty (PLN) has never been so high since 2004! What does it mean for travelers? To be honest, it is like getting a big discount, irrespective of the price of the tour of Poland. If the price of a certain tour of Poland in 2016 remains identical to this of 2015, the American client will pay 20% less.

cheap trips to Polish cheap Poland travel weak dollar

It is therefore reasonable to book your tour in advance for at least two reasons. Firstly, the US Dollar exchange rate to Polish Zloty is believed to come back to lower values soon. Now currency equals 1 US Dollar to about 3,9 Polish Zloty. On the other hand more and more American travelers are interested in travel to Poland. This country appears to be one of the safest destinations in Europe after the terrorist attacks in France in November. For some people it can also be an opportunity to think about the customized itinerary instead of a group tour. If you have some individual ideas for your tour of Poland but the private tour has so far been too expensive, it might be about time for you to contact the tour operator and ask for the actual offer.

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