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One of the most obvious questions for travelers is: how to travel in Poland? How to combine sightseeing with leisure and exploration of the local culture? Which means of transportation are efficient? There are plenty of ’must see’ places. However, it may be a good decision to leave the main track when you are in Poland.

Communication between the main cities is nice and not very expensive. Even so, if you want to go the countryside to see the ‘real life’, it is quite a good idea to have professional assistance once you travel in the less popular regions of Poland.

First of all, fewer people speak English in the non-urban area and sometimes roads there can be in a bad condition. There is no doubt a proficient guide with a real insight feeling can help you to get the most from the excursion as well. From time to time it can be difficult to travel with a rental car in Poland. Even if you are supplied with a GPS navigation system, you have to concentrate on the Polish signs. They might differ from those you got accustomed to. And there is no possibility for the driver to taste the famous Polish beers and vodka as well. Rules about drinking and driving here are very strict.

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It is important to say that travelling in Poland does not only mean historical places, martyrdom and nature. Poland gives you a perfect opportunity to spend some time by the seaside in the summer and in the mountains once you travel in the winter. Both sea and mountain resorts are well known in Europe and often visited by tourists from different countries. It might be difficult to find a good accommodation and arrange activities in the ‘high season’ once you are there, so, it is worth letting your travel agent do some travel arrangements in Poland for you prior to your journey. And it is not surprising for an experienced traveler that this way you can get a much better price for a package of travel services.

To conclude, just remember to travel smart. Poland is a typical European country, with all of the advantages and disadvantages of this statement. Nowadays the travel agent does not have to do all of your travel arrangements. But can undoubtedly help you to enjoy your holidays and avoid possible problems.

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