Winter Frenzy in Poland

If it has ever come across your mind that summer is the only time for traveling with your family, you couldn’t be more wrong. In January and February the tourism industry in Poland flourishes, as it is the time when children get two weeks off school. Traveling to different Polish holiday destinations is so popular that winter holidays need to be set for different dates in different regions of Poland to avoid everybody traveling at the same time.

Poland offers a lot of interesting ways of spending your free time actively in winter. Those who are fond of winter sports usually travel south to the mountain resorts. That’s where you can enjoy skiing, no matter if you are an advanced skier or taking your first steps. Poland offers quite good skiing infrastructure – which is not surprising if you come to think of the excellent Polish ski-jumpers.

The youngest kids can go sledging or try a horse sleigh ride with the whole family. If you get tired and need to rest, go ahead and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Polish mountains, while sipping your favorite coffee or wine at the numerous cafes. Yes, spending your winter holidays in the mountains has many advantages…not to mention the delicious highlander-style food!

Winter Trips in Poland

The winter resorts offer a wide variety of hotels and other types of accommodation to choose from. Many of them have their own spa facilities or indoor pools, where you can relax after a whole day of adventures in the snow.

The most popular winter tourist destination in Poland is definitely Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. It’s bustling with life these days. But if you prefer less crowded places, trust us, Poland has it all.

If the mountains are not really your thing, you can always try cross-country skiing in the endless woods of the beautiful Masuria lake district or travel north, to the seaside, to enjoy walks along the snow-covered beaches and breathe some fresh air. Or why not do some regular city sightseeing? The main Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków or Wrocław always have a lot to offer for entire families during winter holidays. We have no doubts that you will find something that will suit you best.
Have you packed your bag already? No? What are you waiting for? Let yourself get carried away in the winter frenzy in Poland!

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