RealPolish Week 4

Dzień dobry! Co u ciebie słychać?

We've traveled the world together, and now it's finally time to take a trip to Poland! This time it'll be a trip on your computer screen, but hopefully one day you'll travel to Poland and surprise everyone with your amazing Polish language skills!

So, what's the plan for this week? We are going to take a look at some place names in Poland, continue working on our maths skills in Polish, have a kind of a virtual walk along the streets of Warsaw (almost literally, as we will be looking at street names) and learn to write postcards!

And the best thing of all is that you will get your first short writing assignment that I would like you to send to me at: Isn't this exciting? So...let's begin!

A trip to Poland

Writing postcards

Let's count to 20

What's your address?

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