RealPolish Week 5

Cześć! Co nowego?

Last week we spoke about Polish streets, avenues and squares. You know how to read Polish addresses. This week we are going to make use of this knowledge and learn to put this kind of information in a sentence.

And as sentences generally need a verb, our plan is to take a closer look at some Polish verbs. You already know the most basic of all, BYĆ. But you've also come across some other verbs during this course, so we are going to sum this knowledge up and make it more complete.

Where's the hotel?

Why do we change some street names and leave other unchanged? Generally speaking, we need to change the form of the street names that are adjectives. For example ulica Niebieska (Blue Street) will turn into przy ulicy Niebieskiej and ulica Jasna (Bright Street) will turn into przy ulicy Jasnej. There’s no point going through the declension of all possible Polish adjectives at this point, but it’s worth noting that a large group of street names are adjectives derived from nouns. For example, the capital city of Poland is Warszawa. ‘Warszawa’ is a place name, so it is a noun. The adjective derived from this noun is ‘warszawski’, ‘warszawska’ or ‘warszawskie’ (Polish adjectives have a grammatical gender that needs to match the noun they describe). Hence, Warsaw Street is in Polish ulica Warszawska. So, as you can see, all these -ska, -cka and -dzka ending street names are actually adjectives. And you already know how to change them to give an address.

When it comes to street names that are nouns, we leave them the way they are. In many cases their form is already changed anyway, for example the United States in Polish is Stany Zjednoczone, but the name of the avenue is aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych. George Washington in Polish is Jerzy Waszyngton. The name of the street is ulica Waszyngtona.

Useful verbs

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