2018 Ultimate Poland Tours Have Started!

The best time to visit Poland has come and so our all-favorite Ultimate Poland Tour is back on stage. This year from May until December we will be hosting seven groups of tourists. If you are the last-minute type of tourist, you still have a chance to hop on board of a plane and join us in July or September! We are extremely happy to get very positive feedback from our Guests that took part in this tour in previous years.

Ultimate Poland Tour

Ultimate Poland Tour combines all the most important places, showing the different faces of Poland, its culture and heritage. Apart from learning about Poland’s turbulent past and enjoying its beautiful landscapes, our Guests also enjoy an exquisite Chopin concert, experience the making of the famous Bolesławiec pottery and learn how to make the world-famous Polish pierogi.

While this year’s first Ultimate Poland Tour group is exploring Poland with our enthusiastic guides, our office is working full steam to make sure that everything is buttoned up for the following tours. Our second group will set off to discover Poland already this weekend! Are they ready? Because we sure are!

Ultimate Poland Tour

Tailor-Made Poland Tour
Discover Poland the way that matches your traveling style. Budget or luxury travel, family friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit.
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