A Quick Guide to Polish Hotel Experience

Ah, hotels—the cozy cocoons we retreat to when wanderlust strikes. But have you ever noticed that hotels on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean can sometimes feel like they're from different planets? Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a journey through the delightful disparities between Polish and American hotels!

Room Size:

In the land of “bigger is better”, you’re probably used to hotel suites big enough to host a whole family reunion. Be prepared to expect a completely different experience during your Poland tour. Ever played Tetris? Well, Polish hotels - which is by the way typical for European hotels in general - have mastered the art of fitting everything into tight spaces. Rooms can often be as snug as a pair of skinny jeans after a holiday feast. But don't worry; they make up for it with charm and ambiance. If you can touch all four walls at once, you can be 100% sure you’re in Europe!


Generally, we tend to travel lighter and don’t need as many things with us when we’re away from home, so expect Polish hotels to have fewer amenities than what you’re used to. For instance, you might want to consider making friends with your inner rooster again, as alarm clocks are not commonly available in Polish hotel rooms. After all, happy people don’t count time, right?


Forget about the “king” and the “queen” sizes, we have no kings or queens in the world of Polish hotel beds. Typically, there’s one large bed or two single beds in the room. And more often than not, the large bed is actually two single beds put together.

Air conditioning:

If your Polish hotel is located in an old building, staying there is like stepping into a fairy tale – enchanting, charming, and filled with a sense of history. The ceilings are high enough to accommodate a giraffe on stilts, and the walls whisper stories from centuries past. But hold onto your medieval knight helmet, because when it comes to air conditioning, these buildings may still be living in the Middle Ages! Installation of air conditioning would be too much of an interference with the construction of some historic buildings and no conservation officer would allow it. So, as you admire the exquisite interiors, just remember: when it comes to cooling down, old Polish buildings may have their own version of "climate control." It's called "opening a window" and "hoping for a breeze."


Forget those extravagant all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets with pancakes, waffles, fruit and pastries; Poles opt for the minimalist approach. Typically, the most important element of the Polish breakfast are sandwiches, so expect to have a buffet with a choice of products to make a sandwich of your liking, plus eggs, cereal and a selection of veggies. Looking at the bright side of things, having a light and healthy meal will get you in the perfect mood for sightseeing.


One twist of the lever, and you're instantly transported from the ice age to the equator. Is that what you’re used to? Be careful, as Polish showers may have less consistent water pressure or require adjusting the temperature more frequently. The shower's temperature dial is your dance partner: waltz, tango, cha-cha your way to warmth, while you sing karaoke with the hand-held showerhead in your palm! (Just make sure you don’t accidentally drop it, or else it’ll  steal the show, performing a wild dance of its own).

P.S. Washcloths are not part of the standard bathroom amenities in Poland, so if you know that having no washcloth might ruin your holiday, make sure to bring one with you. Don’t bother packing your rubber duckies and pool noodles for your trip to Poland, though. Bathtubs are not very common in Polish hotels. Just showers galore!


In the U.S., toilets are straightforward—just one big flush for everything. In Poland, some hotels have embraced the eco-friendly trend of separate flushing buttons for "Number 1" and "Number 2." 


European hotel toiletries are all about simplicity. You'll find tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, just big enough for a fairy's weekend getaway. Forget about a separate hand lotion; it's multitasking or nothing. That tiny bottle is your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand lotion, and possibly salad dressing if you're creative enough.

Remember, these comparisons are all in good fun. Both American and Polish hotels have their unique charms and quirks. Embrace the differences, enjoy your travel, it's all part of the adventure. Happy hotel hopping in Poland, globetrotters!

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