Collect Memories, Not Things - Get Yourself a Tour of Poland for Christmas

In today’s western world, we’ve got an excessive amount of things. And the Christmas season will bring another flood of neatly wrapped gadgets, gizmos and gimmicks that will probably be attractive for a short while and then attract nothing but dust for the rest of the year. Why not invest in something different instead? Something that will never be broken, that cannot be taken away from you, will never lose its worth and won’t ever end up at the waste dump: memories and experiences.

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring new places and broadening one’s horizons. Traveling lets us experience the world with its different colors and shades, and understand it better. Taking this into consideration, we have a few ideas for a perfect Christmas present.

Small Group Tours of Poland


share your adventure with other travelers

Choose between a 12-day itinerary covering all the most important sights in Poland, and a 16-day itinerary, which is the best option if you prefer traveling at a slower pace and having even more time for independent exploration.

Your present will include breathtaking views of the Tatras, the soft feel of the sandy beaches of the Baltic coast, the unique taste of Polish cuisine and the sound of Chopin. You’ll see Poland through, from the top of a mountain, as well as from below the ground.

Traveling is not about ticking boxes on a to-do list. That’s why choosing a small group tour is a good idea, as it will combine the advantages of individual and group traveling.

Private and Customized Tours of Poland


have your tour tailor-made to meet all your expectations

In this case, what your present will include is completely up to you! You can see Poland alone or combine it with visiting the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia or Lithuania. You can travel on your own, with your family or a group of friends. You can get a ready-made itinerary as a starting point and let us adjust it, mix it and adapt it to match your traveling style, or have your tour designed from scratch. You can stay in Poland for a couple of days or spend a whole month here. You can choose anything from budget to luxury traveling. Family-friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit. Share your ideas, suggestions and expectations with us and we’ll design your dream tour of Poland.

Family Research in Poland


find your Polish roots

Christmas is a family holiday, so is there a better time to decide to learn more about one’s ancestors?

Poland is a country with a complicated and turbulent history. Wars, conflicts, changes of borders, partitions, two world wars, a major change of political perspective after the Second World War and transformation which started in 1990’s - all this resulted in many families being separated. Why not try to find your relatives in Poland or visit places connected to your family history?

No matter what you choose, a trip to Poland is always a good idea for a Christmas present, so get your pen ready and write your letter to Santa before it’s too late! Let him bring you a sack full of unforgettable experiences.

Tailor-Made Poland Tour
Discover Poland the way that matches your traveling style. Budget or luxury travel, family friendly vacations, topic-focused sightseeing, activity-packed tours, you name it! The sky is the limit.
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