Is it Safe to Travel to Poland?

In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some people are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Poland and asking about the effect that the war has on our country. With a lot of misinformation  abundantly shared on social media, getting a true image of the situation may be difficult, so here’s a bit of an insider’s view.

Is traveling around Poland safe?

Yes. If you ask tourists that have recently visited Poland, they'll testify to that. Stan, who did a tour of Poland in May 2022, writes:

"At no time did we ever feel unsafe in Poland! We have come back to the States letting people know  how safe Poland is. "

We realize how much misinformation there is in the media and on the Internet, but the truth is that nothing has changed in the terms of safety in Poland. It still remains one of the safest places in the world to travel to, with a low crime rate, no shootings, no terrorist activity, no dangerous animals, earthquakes or dangerous weather phenomena.

Is the war in Ukraine a threat to Poland?

No. According to experts, with Poland being part of the European Union and a NATO member state, an armed conflict is considered to be highly unlikely. Neither Polish citizens nor tourists visiting Poland have anything to worry about. The Polish government is doing everything they can to ensure our safety. As a precaution, NATO has strengthened the eastern flank near Ukraine.  The war in Ukraine should not have a direct impact on the travel plans of visitors to Poland. 

Are there any travel restrictions in Poland?

No new travel restrictions have been introduced in Poland following Russia’s invasion of our neighboring country. Flights to Poland are operating as normal. The most popular tourist destinations are not located close to the border. What is more, the military action in Ukraine is taking place in the east, far away from the Polish border (find out more by looking at this map).

The tourist season has already begun. All tours are going according to plan. Generally, Poland is safe to travel. That’s the message we get from our authorities. That’s how we feel. And that’s the message that is given by foreign offices of other countries. Naturally, you should not attempt to cross the border into Ukraine, though. 

Since November 2021, an area within 3 kilometers from the Polish-Belarusian border is not accessible to visitors. This is not connected to the war in Ukraine, though. It is a reaction to the migrant crisis at the Belarusian border. 

What impact does the war in Ukraine have on Poland?

Poland shares an over 300-mile-long border with Ukraine. It is currently the main entry point for Ukrainians into the European Union. The vast majority of the refugees are women and children. The Polish are welcoming them here and doing their best to help them, to give them food, clothes and shelter, to help them find jobs. Everybody is going above and beyond to bring aid. But a massive influx of refugees definitely does have an impact on the Polish economy.

Taking this into consideration, the Director of the Polish Tourism Organization in London, Dorota Wojciechowska, said that it was even more important that travelers did not cancel their travel plans to Poland. Visiting Poland supports the Polish economy and contributes to the help that is brought to people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

That’s right. Just by visiting Poland, you’re helping. And it means a lot.

How else can I help?

What is really heartwarming is that some people are making travel plans to Poland that combine sightseeing with bringing help to the Ukrainian refugees. The kind of help that is currently needed changes very dynamically and requires a quick reaction. Being here and asking about the most urgent needs allows the aid that is brought to be really spot on. This way you can be sure that the things you donate are not going to be wasted.

What is more, bringing help to the refugees requires a lot of work. Every pair of extra hands even for a couple of days is precious, so if you’re willing to spend some extra time in Poland and join the volunteers, don’t hesitate!

If you would like to help from abroad, the best way is to donate money to an organization that will use it wisely. It is not a good idea to collect or buy things on your own and send them over to Poland, without making sure they are really needed and will arrive on time, before somebody else fulfills this particular need. This way an excess of some things is created (e.g. this is currently the case with clothes), while other necessary things are missing. The help is much more efficient when it is coordinated and answers the current needs. 

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