Funny Polish Phrases

We rarely stop and think about the expressions we use on a daily basis. That’s too bad. Many of them turn out to be pretty odd and amusing. Here’s a video with a  selection of funny Polish sayings with their literal translation. Enjoy.

I’ve got some more bizarre sayings, but this time I’ll give you a chance to guess their meaning on your own. Ready? Steady? Go!

BIEGAĆ JAK KOT Z PĘCHERZEM (to run like a cat with a bladder)

  1. Run slowly. It’s hard to run when your bladder is full. Duh!
  2. Be in a hurry and run around nervously.
  3. Co ma piernik do wiatraka?

NIE MÓJ CYRK, NIE MOJE MAŁPY (not my circus, not my monkeys)

  1. I don’t like monkeys.
  2. That’s not a real Polish saying. Monkeys don’t live in Poland.
  3. Not my problem.

RZUCAĆ GROCHEM O ŚCIANĘ (to throw peas onto a wall)

  1. To play squash.
  2. It probably has something to do with the story about the princess and the pea, right?
  3. When something you say falls on deaf ears.

WIERCIĆ DZIURĘ W BRZUCHU (to drill a hole in someone’s belly)

  1. To pester and nag.
  2. To operate on someone.
  3. Is this even legal?

JUŻ PO PTAKACH (it’s after the birds)

  1. The opportunity is lost.
  2. It’s late.
  3. It’s autumn.

SŁOŃ KOMUŚ NADEPNĄŁ NA UCHO (an elephant stomped on someone’s ear)

  1. Somebody call 112, quickly!
  2. Uh-oh! Another fake Polish phrase. There are no elephants living in Poland.
  3. Someone can’t sing or has no musical taste.

MIEĆ WĘŻA W KIESZENI (to have a snake in one’s pocket)

  1. Depends whether the snake is venomous or not.
  2. To be stingy.
  3. To be a zookeeper.

PISAĆ JAK KURA PAZUREM (to write like a hen with a claw)

  1. To be a very creative writer.
  2. To make spelling mistakes.
  3. To have an ugly handwriting.

NIE ZOSTAWIĆ NA KIMŚ SUCHEJ NITKI (not to leave a single dry thread on someone)

  1. That’s what Poles do on Dyngus day!
  2. To criticize somebody roundly.
  3. To refuse to share one’s umbrella.

WYWOŁYWAĆ WILKA Z LASU (to call the wolf from the forest)

  1. To tempt fate.
  2. To be fed up with life.
  3. That’s what you do when you need motivation for your daily running routine.


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How did it go? Are you a Polish phrases ninja? Well done! Would you like to learn more? Try our online Polish course.

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