RealPolish Week 2

Dzień dobry!

Welcome to the second week of your Polish adventure! You've mastered the sounds of the Polish language, so now let's put them together to make meaningful utterances 🙂

What's the plan for this week? First, you will learn to introduce yourself and to ask others for their name and surname. You'll learn some typical Polish names and discover an interesting feature of popular Polish last names. Then we will move on to some introductory small talk. And at the end, there's a quick virtual trip around the world waiting for you!

(Don't forget about pausing the videos whenever you need more time to repeat.)

VIDEO 8 What's your name? (13:30)

VIDEO 9 How are you? (9:31)

VIDEO 10 A trip around the world (4:09)

I hope you enjoyed the second week. Please pay extra attention to the names of the countries when you revise this week's material, because next week we will dig a bit deeper into this topic.

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