RealPolish Week 3

Cześć! Jak tam? Wszystko dobrze?

You already know how to introduce yourself and do some small talk. I hope that you've had the time to revise the names of the countries from last week, because this week we are going to build up on that knowledge and take a look at the fascinating Polish grammar.

The first video is meant to give you an idea about the grammatical cases in Polish and show you how useful they are. But don't let all the different forms overwhelm you. For the time being, we are not going to go into detail on how to make these forms. Instead, the following videos will give you some ready-to-use solutions.

And the icing on the cake will be the most useful verbs of all: TO BE, which in fact is not entirely new to you.


  • VIDEO 11 What are grammatical cases? (3:26)

Telling where you are from

The verb "to be"

A ja? Skąd jestem? Jestem z Polski. Gdzie mieszkam? Mieszkam w Warszawie.

That's right. I'm from Warsaw. It's one of those cities you simply need to visit at least once in your lifetime and let it surprise you. Warsaw is the starting and ending point of all RealPoland's small group tours, so if you're going on a tour with us, you can be sure you won't miss it! 🙂

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