Thinking of Visiting Poland? Just do it!

Do you need a reason to go to Poland? There are sooo many reasons to do that! We've chosen a few to give you a general idea, but this list could go on and on, and on. Psst! Here's a little secret: if visiting Poland is already on your to-do list, you shouldn't procrastinate. The best time to go to Poland is... now. As soon as possible. Because some of these reasons to visit Poland are even more obvious and valid this year than they have ever been before - and than they might ever be in the future.

1. Poland's history is very rich and fascinating

Needless to say, our history is long and complicated. And when you're in Poland, you'll experience the history with all of your senses. Wherever you go. It's written on the streets that you'll walk along. It's in the bricks of walls. It's in the hearts of the people you meet on your way. Poles are really proud of their history and heritage.

2. Polish cities have a unique character

In consequence of the turbulent history, each of our cities is different and has a unique feel to it. Each city has a different story to tell. The phoenix city of Warsaw, the royal city of Kraków, the harbor city of Gdańsk, the medieval city of Toruń's almost hard to believe they're all in the same country. What is more, the cities are really picturesque. You can have a foretaste of what they're like here.

3. Polish nature and countryside is a reason in its own

Polish nature is really diverse. From sandy beaches and sand dunes of the Baltic coast, through the Land of a Thousand Lakes, lush unspoiled forests, never-ending fields, to hills and mountains: it's impossible not to fall in love with it! And if you combine nature with the idyllic atmosphere of the Polish countryside, no way things could get any better!

4. Polish people are genuinely hospitable

There's a Polish saying: "Gość w dom, Bóg w dom", meaning that when you host a visitor, it's like hosting God. And it really shows our attitude to how we treat our guests. Polish people are really open-hearted, kind and helpful. We welcome visitors with open arms and are truly enthusiastic about showing our country and culture to them. And this is even more visible now that the pandemics is over. We've missed travelers so much and are really happy to see them!

5. Poland is not overcrowded and (still) affordable to visit

International tourism is not the main market for Poland. It is still an undiscovered gem for international travelers, so you can enjoy your sightseeing without having to deal with crowds wherever you go. What is more, the Polish tourism industry is not "spoiled" by masses coming to visit Poland, which means that you can count on genuine care, great service and being seen as an individual instead of being just another tourist. And the prices are (still) really reasonable too. (We said 'still', because this is likely to change in the future. With the current inflation rates, the prices are going up pretty fast. So what's an affordable journey in 2022 may not be as affordable in 2023.)

6. Polish food is delicious

Polish food is actually reason enough to visit Poland. Really. You're probably familiar with pierogi, but there's so much more to Polish cuisine! And what is best, we really care about the quality of food that we eat. We try to choose the best, most natural products. We even find great pleasure in growing food of our own in our gardens or even in pots on our balconies (allotment gardens are also very popular in cities). You can read more about Polish food in the food section of out blog.

P.S. The beetroot soup is called 'barszcz' in Polish. Is it possible to pronounce that many consonants? Actually, it's easier than you think. You'll learn all about Polish pronunciation from our Polish language videos 😉

7. Poland is a safe country to visit

The overall crime rate in Poland is quite low, especially when it comes to serious crimes. Generally, people feel safe even when walking through Polish cities at night. If you follow common sense rules, you'll have a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday in Poland. Interesting fact: according to the Global Peace Index, Poland is the 24th safest country to visit. Food for thought: on the same list, the United States of America are ranked 122nd.

Some people are wondering whether war in Ukraine has affected the safety of visiting Poland. It hasn't. You can read more about it here.

Why is it a good idea to visit Poland soon?

Now that all travel restrictions have finally been lifted after two years, Poland is even more enthusiastic about hosting tourists than ever before. And as we mentioned, this year the prices in Poland are still affordable, although they are higher than they used to be and they are very likely to be much higher in the following years. In other words, this year you are likely to get really good service at a reasonable price.

But there's a deeper reason too. This year Poland has proved that its famous hospitality is not just a stereotype. It's real. We've already accepted over 3 mln refugees from Ukraine (mostly women and children). We're providing them with a warm, safe place to stay. With food. With clothes. With all the basic things a human being needs. By coming to Poland, you support local entrepreneurs, many of whom have been selflessly helping the refugees. You give people jobs. You support our economy, which is under strain. This year it is more important than it has been ever before.

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