Is Polish Really That Difficult to Learn?

Language is the key to understanding people and cultures - literally and lyrically. It is a part of people's identity, and a very important one too. No wonder many travelers try to learn at least a few basic words or expressions in the language that is spoken at their destination. And no wonder they pick up even more words and expressions on their way, to take them home as if they were a very special kind of souvenir.

Every single time we meet our small group tour participants during the welcome dinner, we're delighted to hear all their dzień dobry and dziękuję. And our tour leaders enjoy teaching some Polish as they all discover Poland together.

Because we find Poland and Polish culture fascinating in all its aspects, we've prepared a series of short videos about the Polish language. From the first episode you'll learn why Polish people are so proud of their language. We'll also try to tackle the question of Polish being one of the most difficult languages to learn: is it true, or is it rather a common misconception? Sit back, relax and enjoy watching the video!

If you would like to visit Poland and learn some basic Polish, check out our

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