Why Do We Love Kraków?

Kraków (also known as Cracow) is definitely Poland's top tourist destination. We are not surprised. We've been there so many times and we just can't get enough... Here's a list of reasons why Kraków is worth visiting. And this list is not even close to being exhaustive.

1. Kraków's Old Town

It's listed among the UNESCO Heritage Sites. That's already a good reason to visit. There's so much history just around the corner! Listen to the anthemn played every hour from the top of the tower of St. Mary's Basilica, go shopping in the famous Cloths Hall, enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Kraków's Main Market Square. See the Jagiellonian University, where Copernicus and John Paul II used to study. Rest on a bench in the lovely park that surrounds the Old Town of Kraków.

2. The Wawel Castle

Kraków, the former capital of Poland, is often referred to as the city of the kings. And the Wawel Castle, with its incredible beauty, is definitely a residence worthy of kings. And could you get any closer to history than underneath the Wawel Cathedral, where the Polish kings were buried?

3. Kraków's Legends

Every country has its legends. The most famous Polish legend is about the Wawel dragon that used to live in a cave under the Wawel hill. That's an old one and everybody knows it. But Kraków also has a very recent story that's become legendary: the story of Dżok, the dog. Dżok is the symbol of faithfuless and being a man's best friend. Kraków has raised a monument to commemorate this incredible dog - and at the time it was sculpted, it was the third monument in the world dedicated to a dog. When walking along the Vistula Boulevards (which are yet another reason to visit Kraków), don't forget to pat Dżok on its paw.

4. Kazimierz, Kraków's Jewish Quarter

It's often associated with Schindler and Spielberg. For over 500 years, it was the center of Jewish life in Kraków. The Second World War and the communist era left it destroyed, but nowadays it is one of the most atmospheric and fascinating places in Kraków, bustling with life, full of top-notch cafes, restaurants and art galleries. It gives you an idea of what pre-war Jewish culture in Europe looked like.

5. The Food

Oh yes, the food... Isn't it the best part of travelling? The famous pierogi in the Old Town, delicious Jewish food in Kazimierz and the obwarzanek pretzels sold at roadside stalls... Could it get any better?

Meet Magdalena and Dorota, two of our office members. Come along on a virtual walk around Kraków. At the end of the day Dorota lost her voice - was it autumn, or was it Kraków that left her speechless?

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