Why Do Some Polish Letters Have Dots, Strokes and Tails?

We've already mentioned that the Polish language has a very logical spelling system. In contrary to English, where the same letter can represent different sounds, once you learn how to pronounce the Polish letters, you'll be able to read any word out loud correctly. It turns out to be a super useful skill when you travel to Poland - it lets you get the names of the places you visit right.

Let's take a closer look at the Polish alphabet. You'll notice that there are 9 letters which are not present in the English alphabet. What are they? How do you pronounce them? Why does skipping all those dots and tails matter? How does it affect meaning? And finally, why do we sometimes skip them anyway? You'll learn all that and much more from the second episode of the "In Plain Polish" series. Having watched the 11-minute-long video, you'll have the key to the Polish pronunciation.

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