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Poland in general
What currency is used in Poland? Is it possible to pay in Euros or US Dollars?
The currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN). It is possible to pay in Euros in some of the bigger shops and malls. US Dollars are not accepted.
Are Credit Cards accepted in Poland?
Yes, they are. You can use Visa, Mastercard or Amex (although these cards are not accepted everywhere, the same with Diners, so please ask first).
What are Polish tippin customs? Do you include tips for drivers/guides in the cost of the tour?
Tips are voluntary and of course depend on your satisfaction with the driver’s or guide’s service. We do not include them in the cost of the tour, but of course if they perform well, you are free to tip them and the amount is up to you. Most of the popular restaurants add 10% service fee to each bill, sometimes without a notice. If there is no service charge - 10-15% is the norm, depending of course on your satisfaction. Tips for porters and chambermaids are also quite common.
What weather can I expect in Poland?
It is hard to determine the best time to visit Poland. Everything depends on your preferences. The high tourist season starts in May and lasts till September. The hottest months are June and July, but they also have a chance of rain. In May, August and September the weather seems to be the kindest (not too hot, but you can still expect strong sun and it rains rarely). Starting from November, it gets progressively colder. Winters are quite snowy, especially in January and February. During this time the prices in the tourism industry are usually lower, so it’s good idea to take short city breaks, or visit Polish Mountains.
Do I need to apply for visa to enter Poland?
In the majority of cases a visa is not required to enter Poland. Poland is part of the Schengen Area – to enter the zone, citizens of USA, Canada or Australia only need a passport valid for six months beyond planned departure date. If you are not sure about the rules applying to your country, take a look at the list of visa-free countries on the Ministry of Foreign affairs website: http://www.msz.gov.pl/en/travel_to_poland/entering_poland/visa_free/
Can I use my mobile phone in Poland?
Yes – after you’ve turned on the roaming you should be able to make phone calls from your phone in Poland. However, please contact your service provider to find out about specific charges. Moreover, most of the hotels provide free wi-fi, so you will be able to be in touch with home via Skype or email.
Will I be able to charge my electronic devices?
Electricity in Poland is supplied at 220 to 240 volts – if your device doesn’t accept these parameters, you will need a voltage converter. Polish sockets are designed to accept two round prongs – we recommend you bring a travel adapter with you, in case your plug has a different shape.
RealPoland Tours
Are you an established and licensed tour operator?
We are a registered Polish Tour Operator (Licence No. 1801). It means that we organize tours in a legal way. We also have the necessary insurance required for tour operators.
What kind of tours do you offer? How do they differ from each other?
We offer three kind of tours: 1) small-group tours in guaranteed dates - this term applies to those group tours which are organized in set dates. These usually take between 12 and 16 days. The program is fixed and the same for every participant. The tour is always escorted by a tour leader. 2) customized tours - these usually take more than three days. You can either choose one of our feautred itineraries, or design it on your own with our assistance. As we want to make your stay in Poland as comfortable as possible, we take care of everything: transportation, guides, hotels, meals, entrance tickets, etc. 3) city tours - short, one- or two-day excursions. These are only available in personal mode, meaning that you have your own private guide and driver at your disposal. No more group tours in a crowded bus with unknowlegable guides.
How does the process of requesting and booking the tour look like?
First, you send us your requests - via e-mail, the request form on site or by calling us - where you specify your needs and requirements. Basing on that information, we prepare an individual offer and tour itinerary. Of course, we are open your suggestions, wishes and change requests. When you accept the final shape of the itinerary, we send you further instructions regarding payment.
Where do I meet my driver/guide
The meeting point is always specified in the tour voucher, which is sent to you via e-mail, provided by your Tour Consultant..
What if I cannot find my driver/guide?
In such cases, you can always find the contact details (name, surname, mobile number) to all drivers and guides in the tour voucher. Please try to call the indicated number immediately. In case of any further difficulties, please contact our office directly on the emergency number provided. 
If the tour is private, can I request to change the program already on spot?
It may be possible but everything depends on the circumstances. Please always contact our office first. Please also notice that it may require additional costs.
My flight is cancelled/delayed. Will you reimburse me for a cancellation in such circumstances?
If the flight is simply delayed, we will wait for you and do our best to pick you up according to the latest arrival information provided. Should you have to cancel the tour altogether, then please refer to our cancellation fees. We can not reimburse you the whole sum if we were not informed in advance: reservations are in progress, someone is expecting you at stations or hotels. However, in these situations, we do our best to make the costs as low as possible.
Can you book the place tickers for me?
We do not provide international plane tickets – you have to organize the flight yourself.
Do you organize any tours outside of Poland?
We can organize a combined tour of Poland and a neighboring country – Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, or Germany. Please contact us directly for more details.
I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for on the group tour?
We will do our best to accommodate all dietary requirements. Please let us know prior to the tour start date of any food requirements or allergies – there will be space provided for it in your tour order form. If you only let us know of it after the tour starts, we cannot guarantee we will be able to modify the menus to your requirements.
What type of luggage should I bring with me?
For longer tours you can take maximum two suitcases/person: a big one up to 21 KG - 46 LBS and a smaller one as hand luggage. However, from our own experience, we would recommend to limit the number of suitcases that you are planning to bring.
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We are an inbound Poland Tour Operator, located in Poland, specializing in group and private tours. Our aim is to make your stay here an unforgettable experience. We are experts in organizing unique, custom-made Polish holidays, suiting your personal needs. Our team consists of natives, fascinated by their homeland, licensed guides and touring agents with huge knowledge and energy to share. We will do our best to meet your highest expectations.

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